Ven. LP Dam's KathasThis is a featured page

Please chant,
Namo Tassa Bhagawato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa (x3)

before chanting any of these kathas below.

Katha Puja Ven. LP Dam - chant this to invite Ven. LP Dam to you.
Buddhang Gaiathip Borisut LP Dam Manee Ma
Dhammang Gaiathip Borisut LP Dam Manee Ma
Sangkhang Gaiathip Borisut LP Dam Manee Ma

Katha MahaLap - chant this often to improve one's luck factor
Itik Puja Chakmaharacha Sapha Sanieha Arahang Sammasambuddho Yatra Yamdee Sawadee Lapho Nak Mo Budh Dha Yak

Katha Ngern Ma - chant this to enhance one's earning capabilities and savings.
Om Racha Chakmaharacha Kor Chong Ma Yu Nai Kra Bao Luklang Manee Ma Om Ruay Ruay Ruay

Katha Paladklik - this palaklid chant is complete with anything you wish.
U Ba Sam Ba Kan Ha Nae Ha Nak Mak Pak Tak

Katha Mai Tao - this Mai Kru or Mai Tao chant, short it may be but very effective. Must wish or say what you need to accomplish after chanting.
U Ba Sam Ba Pak Suk U Cha

Katha Plok 1 - chant this regularly to increase the responsiveness or energy or strenght of your amulet. We seldom encourage bearers to give their amulets to any monks to energize or tranference merits unless it is a very well attained Teacher. We usually encourage bearers to chant them themselves in order that their amulets are more intuned to their bearers.

Buddhang arathananeng
Dhammang arathananeng
Sangkhang arathananeng

Buddhang prasitimae
Dhammang prasitimae
Sangkhang prasitimae

Buddhang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Dhammang
Dhammang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Sangkhang
Sangkhang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Buddhang

Katha Plok 2- chant this whenever the bearer comes out from toilet or uncleaned places or accidentally went underneath clothesline or etc.

Ma A U

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